A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Defend your home on a floating island

You're chief of a settlement on a floating island in a vast sea of clouds. Gather resources and expand your island town.

Use six unique towers to defend your Longhaus from barbaric invaders. Face enemies of all types from small foot troops to giants, battering rams and even those from the skies above. Will you reign victorious, or will you crumble?

Four levels, two seasons

The game features four island maps, each with a different layout, increasing in difficulty. There are also two different seasons to play in! Environments on each island are procedurally generated.

Recommended Specs (1080p)

  • GTX 1050Ti
  • i5-2500K
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 350 MB available space

Music by Blue Dot Sessions, Kai Engel and Lobo Loco

Also available on Game Jolt!

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Press Kit


Longhaus v1.2.1 [Windows].zip 125 MB
Longhaus v1.2.1 [macOS].zip 128 MB

Development log


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Very nice game, i like the graphic style and the HUD is super clean and pretty, the only things that bothers me, is that as you have to place your buildings in very specific locations, the village gets kinda messy, and for me, be able to build a city that's pretty count a lot on city building games xd

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Very nice game, love the addictive gameplay, simple graphics and easy to learn control. I do feel the balance makes it incredibly hard to recover if you make any errors while building up; as the opposing force grows stronger and stronger and even small errors can quickly spiral into unrecoverable defeat (at least in my experience). But that could be intentional, I'm not sure.
Great fun either way!

I really like this game. I hope we get more building types soon!

Is it possible to play the game with a GeForce GT710 graphics card?


We're an indie publisher mainly focused on PC games, and our main platform is the Microsoft Store. Your game Longhaus looks great!

We can help you publish it on Steam, the Microsoft Store and/or other platforms.

Please send me an email at mark.lauz@gametroopers.net if you're interested.


Support on Linux? Game doesn’t start through Wine emulator, sadly.

Well oddly the game kinda crash in some window devices on low specs that are unable to compensate (6-4GB RAM) will automatically crash... But yeah Hoping to play it though... Other than seeing a Crash Handler Notification...


Pretty cool game, played two and a half hours in a row up to level 4 and finally did not make it :D I will try a different strategy next time.

Level 4 is tough for sure!


This game is absolutely amazing and scratched an itch I haven't been able to scratch in a long time. While it can take a minute to get the hang of the game is a lot of fun. Would be nice if you choose to continue playing a level there is a way to end and go to the next one with out having to go to the main menu and clicking of the map to then click on the next stage. 


Mezcla de Tower Defence y RTS. Vas a estar corriendo para vencer cada nivel. Genial!

Its so Buggy, Can't even play even in Windows.





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i really want to try this game but sadly its no longer works on mac

linux version please

Lovely LOVELY and very impressive game! It's super robust, with a lot of care and thought put into the mechanics. the depth of feild effect is also a lovely graphical addition.

Is this a 64bit or a 32bit version becos the file wont open?

This game was featured on the front page of itch.io??? Wow!


This is a really good game your game is underated


Made a video about your game:

this is great! any chance for a linux build?


After I install the game and then launched it the GAME SCREEN TURNS BLACK and got stuck in it, not showing anything, but music were playing on background. Any help to FIX IT?? I would love to play the game


This also happened to me but I kept on restarting and it eventually worke


Good inspiration to make my new assets pack!


This game looks pretty good! I'm not a huge fan of RTS genre but I enjoyed longhaus :>


Hello. I really liked your game. This was great. I can only say that this game has great potential. I even made a video if your curious.


Hi, this is a great game! Just one thing though, on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 I get a system box that opens that says "The "lldb" command requires the command line developers tools. Would you like to install the tools now?" with the option to "get Xcode", "not now" and "install" - I choose "not now" but I just wanted to let you know about this. 



I’m not a big tower defense guy, but I really enjoyed this! Did level 1 and 2 and had a great time.

I would suggest this to anyone who likes tower defense, or if you just want to experience a little city building with good aesthetics.


Cool project, here's to 5000 more downloads. :)




Good work!!!


Nice game

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Hey, really love your game. I'm a sound designer for games. I am interested in helping you guys to improve the sonic quality of your game. If your interested in working with me, send me a email via my website.


Just watched a video of your game, looks really polished! Amazed you're not charging for it actually! Good job!


linux version ?


Love it!


so beautiful!


Good Game

My game keeps crashing does anyone have any ideas why?

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