A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Defend your home on a floating island

You're chief of a settlement on a floating island in a vast sea of clouds. Gather resources and expand your island town.

Use six unique towers to defend your Longhaus from barbaric invaders. Face enemies of all types from small foot troops to giants, battering rams and even those from the skies above. Will you reign victorious, or will you crumble?

Four levels, two seasons

The game features four island maps, each with a different layout, increasing in difficulty. There are also two different seasons to play in! Environments on each island are procedurally generated.

Recommended Specs (1080p)

  • GTX 1050Ti
  • i5-2500K
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 350 MB available space

Music by Blue Dot Sessions, Kai Engel and Lobo Loco

Also available on Game Jolt!

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Longhaus v1.2.1 [Windows].zip 125 MB
Longhaus v1.2.1 [macOS].zip 128 MB

Development log


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It was nice graphically, but balance was weird. I ended up finishing the game using only 2 type of tower.

Also the button "end game" for the last campaign was buggy (no effect, got stuck there).

Also the freeplay has no real interest and I didn't find any way to "surrend" such a game, I had to let the IA kill me. Slowly. Sooo slowly.

Thank you for the feedback!


Great game and the graphics are great! The only problem I had with it was that it is a bit slow, so far the only way to "speed it up" is pressing the "Send more enemies" button, but if your quest is too get more materials, more people, ect. pressing the button will slow you down instead of speeding you up, and when you die in a long run its annoying. I would recommend making something that can change the speed of everything, like sims 4 does.
I hope you consider this.


this is a very good looking Game. I enjoyed it!


I have intel Pentium Silver, and the game won't load. What is happening? 

If your specs are too much lower than what is detailed above, there's no guarantee that the game will work well, unfortunately.


Looking great 🙂🙂


Awesome game, thanks

Glad you enjoyed it :D

On my game, the animation lags behind making copies of itself just like the one glitch in Super Mario Maker 2. It seems like the coolest game ever but this one glitch makes it unplayable.

Hey, thanks for letting us know. Could you please describe the issue in more detail?


Very good game. Great job!


Great game with lots of potential! I really enjoy the atmosphere and menus, but I think the game play could be a bit more difficult. Once you are in a good position there is not much to do on an island. Perhaps some further complication for the economy or some kind of research system to keep one busy? Good work regardless


That's a very valid sentiment that we've seen echoed multiple times. Our game has experienced a level of attention we haven't anticipated so making some major improvements to gameplay is now on the table.


Hi there !

Great work on Longhaus, everything is great !

The music is wonderful and goes really well with the game graphics and vibes.

The UI and it's animations are a pure delight to navigate trough.

The gameplay itself is really chill and enjoyable, but perhaps a bit too passive and easy ? I found out to have a lot of waiting time.

Maybe another parallel activity to keep the player active and make the gameplay not too repetitive ?

Also, maybe a "move forward" feature would be nice to shorten the waiting times.

The design of your game is really cool, i like how you took time to animate the workers and fighters.

Good job overall, keep going as it only needs more content, everything else is perfect !

dose not work with windows 7 

Well, it's not their fault you're using an OS from 2009.


Awsome game! Keep up the good work!


this game is simple but really fun! I’ve been playing for about an hour now and I only stopped to get a drink. 

Idea for update: add traps that could be laid on buildings or free tiles that only work once then need to be repaired. Bomb trap could explode when walked over and building trap explodes if an enemy destroys it (could be used as a decoy base)

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Thank you! Traps were definitely one of the things that we considered adding ;) Something we may revisit if everyone in the team agrees...


Is this like dwarf fortress, not in complexity but in the way of developing and controlling a group of people?

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You're perfectly right about our game not being as complex as DF (very few games can surpass it in that regard). In terms of controlling people, you get to choose how many villagers work in specific buildings, affecting their efficiency.


Ok, thank you for your response I will download your game and review it if I enjoy it!


I really enjoyed playing it, it should be avalible at 9:30PM :D

This looks so cool! Are you planning to support Linux with it?

We may, since you've asked, we'll probably bump this up on the priority list.


Sweet, feel free to reach out to me on GamingOnLinux.com if you do :)

The game crashes immediately for me. Oh, I wanted to play so much :(

Hey sorry about that :( Could you please tell me the specs of your system?


I love everything about this game. I'm always looking for RTS and can't find many, I'm so happy to try this one.


Thank you :D We're really happy to see people enjoying our little game.


At the moment, this game is only available in English. However, if anyone is interested in helping to localise it, we'd we thrilled!


ok wow i have also created a tower defense game but this game is just stunning and i have loved every second of it. good job man :)

Oh that's awesome! I did see your game floating around, perhaps its time to give it a go?


for any of you who are confused on whhy the game isnt loading for me it just takes longer than expected


J'ai adoré ce jeu!
Il est gratuit, super beau, un gameplay simple et efficace.
Une vraie merveille, vous pouvez le tester les yeux fermés!
Bravo à l'équipe, vous en avez fait une merveille! Félicitations!
J'en ai fait un test sur mon blog, si vous voulez le lire, c'est ici: https://www.patrickjamesnc.net/longhaus-test-et-avis/

I loved this game!
It's free, beautiful, simple but effective gameplay.
You can test it without any hesitation!
Congratulations to the team!
I made a test on my blog, if you want to read it, it's here (in french): https://www.patrickjamesnc.net/longhaus-test-et-avis/


Merci beaucoup ! Thank you for writing that, it's much appreciated


You're welcome! Thanks for this brillant game! :D


This game was great! Love rts games, and tower defense games so this was a nice experience =) gonna definitely leave a follow and hope to see more! Please lemme know when more is to come so I do not miss it =D


Thank you for playing :D


Always a pleasure =) May have to do a part 2 since I didnt hit the other towers TBH

The lag on my spectrex360 makes this pretty unplayable. 

Hey sorry about that. Our game is pretty graphically intensive and won't run well on integrated (Intel) graphics.

I mean, I can run Skyrim at a reasonable FPS.

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Yeah, being a student project, optimisation definitely wasn't one of our biggest strengths. Our use of Unity's HDRP, means that the game will only run well if you have a dedicated GPU like a GTX 1050Ti.


Hey everyone! Hope you are all awesome! This is a great indie game very polished really enjoyed it! 

Check out my new video on "Longhaus" my - First impression of the game. I hope you like it remember I try and support indie games on my channel! So check them out and offer the devs some support!


Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!


Dont mention it was very happy to play your game!


Your video is ready and available on YouTube.

I remind, that your game can go to the next stage, and get a full review with analysis, so don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

Much appreciated, thanks for that :D


I have played Tower Defense a long time ago in Warcraft III, so I felt a sense of nostalgia, thank you for that :)